Wiser 2 Home Automation Free Wiser Home Controller 2 Android App.

Easy Android phone or tablet control of your C-Bus Wiser 2 home automation.

Clipsal Schneider C-Bus Wiser 2 Android app free download. Download your Free Wiser 2 Android App now from the Google Play Store.

Then connect your Android phone or tablet to your C-Bus home automation and your ZigBee home automation through your wireless WiFi access point. Once you're connected there's nothing to configure.

Access most devices that your Wiser home controller 2 does: Lighting, climate control, home theatre, multi-room audio, motorised blinds and curtains, roller shutters, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, automatic watering, electricity consumption monitoring and surveillance cameras.

Use multiple Android phone or tablet connections simultaneously, all with a consistent user experience.

Use the Apple Wiser 2 App for your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Your other computers and even a locally connected HDMI-CEC enabled TV may directly access and control the Wiser's IP user interface, without requiring any special App software.
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