Wiser 2 Home Automation Schneider Clipsal C-Bus Wiser 2 IP Web Cameras

A Wiser 2 vision of your home.

Mobotix high-end home automation IP cameras and door stations. Enjoy the convenience of also viewing your home IP cameras on your intuitive Wiser 2 home automation user interface via your mobile phones, PCs or even a locally connected HDMI-CEC enabled TV. You may also take snapshots for later review or export.

Confirm your home is OK remotely when your home security system notifies you of an alarm.

Easily control the automatic watering irrigation, electric blinds and curtains, electric shutters, automated lighting, electric gates and doors using the same Wiser 2 home web interface - While being able to watch them operate.

Your first choice in high quality indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras for use with your Wiser 2 home controller would be world renowned Mobotix IP cameras.

Choose from a range of high-end Mobotix IP cameras, door stations, and internal stations to suit our home automation, surveillance, and access control requirements.

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