Wiser 2 Home Automation Schneider Clipsal C-Bus Wiser 2 Multi-room Audio

Wiser 2 Multi-room Audio.

View Clipsal C-Bus WHC2_5918 Wiser home automation controller 2 User Guide (4.85MB pdf).
Intuitive Wiser 2 audio widgets control your C-Bus Multi-Room Audio system.
The appearance of the Wiser 2 audio widgets adapt to the audio source type currently selected, and the controls appropriate for that source.
Some widgets have simplified versions for easy operation of common controls, and expanded versions that provide further access to less frequently used options.

The expanded form of the internal tuner audio Wiser 2 widget is shown left.
Other audio widgets exist for external inputs and USB or free Ripple PC software streaming sources.

On the USB or Ripple streaming widget, touching the artwork expands the widget allowing you to select songs by artist, genre, albums, etc, and to create a playlist.
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