Wiser 2 Home Automation Schneider Clipsal C-Bus Wiser 2 User Settings.

Wiser 2 home automation settings for the home owner.

Schneider Clipsal C-Bus Wiser 2 home automation controller.

After your C-Bus home automation systems integrator has programmed your project into your Wiser home controller 2, you may access the following settings and tools:

Display the user Profiles for your project and change Usernames, Passwords and Permissions.

Edit existing unlocked Scenes and Schedules, by altering and saving their parameters.

Setup Language, network DHCP, WiFi, Network Time Protocol (NTP), SAMBA & DDNS settings, and Manual Web Upgrade.

Change C-Bus Date and Time (if not using NTP), and DST settings.

Access the Wiser 2 Remote Access Toolkit, Projector and Project Update Options.
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